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Reach a Higher State of Consciousness

Discover your favorite recreational or medicinal marijuana strain, HERE at the house! located in Denver, CO

Lift Your Spirits at the Healing House

Visit our warm, welcoming marijuana shop located in Denver, CO

Not all dispensaries are the same. Visit the recreational and medical marijuana shop that does more than just elevate your state of mind—visit the Healing House located in Denver, CO.

You don’t have to “smoke dope” to get high

Don’t like to smoke? That’s okay! We have a range of cannabis consumption options for you to choose from. What’s your favorite way to consume marijuana? When you visit the Healing House located in Denver, CO, you’ll find:

  • Flower
  • Marijuana infused edibles
  • Cannabis oil and concentrates
  • Topicals

Discover the healing qualities of marijuana without inhaling the smoke. Visit the Healing House for a high so good, you can taste it. Call us today at 720-379-3816 for more information.

We mean it when we say “Welcome to the House!”

You want a marijuana dispensary that delivers your preferred kind of high. The Healing House has an inviting atmosphere and knowledgeable staff to help you make an informed decision every time.

We also have a prize wheel, daily specials and an early bird special for our customers to take advantage of, call us today at 720-379-3816 to learn more

We love our military. You fought for our freedom—now it’s time for you to take part in that freedom. Shop at the Healing House to take advantage of our military discount.

Your health and satisfaction are important to us. That’s why we use only organically certified teas and veganic certified nutrients with out all the chemicals.

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